About Us

The Harden Art Prize is in its third year and has gained a following across Australia after its successful inaugural event held in Harden Murrumburrah in 2022.  

The organization responsible for the presentation of the event is Harden Art Prize Incorporated (a community committee) which evolved from an initiative of dual sponsors Harden Murrumburrah Community Bank and the Geoffrey Kruger Trust.

The event aims to promote Harden-Murrumburrah to the arts community of Australia and to encourage visitors to our region to view the exhibition of work by the finalists.

The exhibition is staged in autumn which is a glorious time to promote tourism to the area and to boost the economy of our small regional community.  

The Art Prize aims to promote cultural awareness in the district and will grow a quality art collection over the coming years contributing to the expansion and development of the arts scene in Australia.